Tree Felling Wilbotsdal

Tree Felling Wilbotsdal

Welcome to Tree Felling Wilbotsdal we are always looking for ways to improve our services and although we have not yet received a major bad review from any of our customers, we are still committed to providing you with affordable and quality tree felling services with a touch of mastery!
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Tree Felling Wilbotsdal is a company that has mastered the ways of the tree!

Many people might think that tree felling is just chop chop and drop, load and go, but the truth is far more scary than most recognize and requires the following to be done without any problems:

  • Attention To Details
  • Understanding Perspectives
  • Good Judgement
  • Safety Measures
  • Full Proof Backup Plans

At Tree Felling Wilbotsdal we know the ins and outs of tree felling but we can never say that we are gods of tree felling because the tree is the one that shows us which action to take and thus our work also requires us to be in tune with the tree.

Our customers can always visit us at Tree Felling Wilbotsdal to get a better idea of what we see tree care services as and hopefully you can see that it is more than just chopping down wood.

Some of our previous customers who have been happy with our services and some who we service on a monthly basis come from sectors such as:

  • Government
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

Tree Felling Wilbotsdal covers you with insurance just in case something goes wrong and it never does but just in case!

At Tree Fellers Wilbotsdal we have an insurance policy that covers us up to a million rand should any damages to property is caused by any of our staff members during working hours.

Tree Felling Wilbotsdal insurance also covers customers property such as:

  • Vehicles
  • Fencing
  • Medical Fees

Tree Feller Wilbotsdal understands very well that a tree in good health is half your lungs!

Awesome Tree Felling Wilbotsdal
Awesome Tree Felling Wilbotsdal

Many people look at our company and imagine a monster with an exe chopping down every tree on his path, but actually we take care of trees because we know for a fact with no trees we would not be able to live.

Cool Guys Tree Felling Wilbotsdal
Cool Guys Tree Felling Wilbotsdal

The guys we work with on the ground level are a group of guys who take things into their hands and do the work that is required for success by offering you the following free services:

  • Site Survey
  • Site Cleaning
  • Advice and Tips

Only a few people have actually taken the time to really get to know our company and the type of people we work with and one of the easy to notice things about our team is that we trust each other to deliver.

At Tree Felling Wilbotsdal we work as a chain link and each person is vital to the company’s success and that is what makes our customers get great services every time, get in touch with our team today for a free quote to get you started with us!