Tree Felling Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions

I have had a tree felling service in about 5 years, is that why branches keep falling?

Yes, your old tree branches are hanging on for dear life and will always fall at the movement of wind. This is a sign that there is a big need for tree felling and your trees might be really old and pose a threat to you, your family and property.

Can I do tree felling by myself?

Yes if you are experienced in that field and no if you have no clue what you are doing. Tree felling is a dangerous job and requires professionals to do the procedure so please refrain from even cutting tree own your own if you have no working experience.

How much will I pay for your tree felling services?

There is no direct answer to your question as every client requires a different service. We can help you get a rough idea by providing us with as much information as possible including pictures and we can provide you with a detailed costing based on the info you give us.

How will tree felling help me?

Tree felling will help you to avoid major problems such as:

  • Damage caused by trees
  • Injuries caused by trees
  • Law suites
  • Expensive repairs to property
  • General headaches caused by trees

How soon will you be able to start servicing my trees?

After receiving all the necessary information and payment we will start as soon as possible. We generally have a waiting list and if not you will be next up to be serviced, so we could start a day after receiving your confirmation.